kapiel raaj, swati  nakshatra
Swati Nakshatra (06:41 Libra to 20:00 Libra)
Planet- Rahu
Symbol- wind, single standing bush    
Deity- The Wind God

Swati Nakshatra is a very independent nakshatra as it's symbolized by a single strain of grass blowing. Since this is in the air sign it's not surprise that element of air is personified by this nakshatra. These folks need independence in all aspects of their life: from work, education, relationship and spiritual journey. They like doing things on their own time and they hate being forced to do something. This is why in relationship this nakshatra can be a bit problematic. There is a lot of need of 'Me' time. They find their motivation through traveling, through networking and meeting new people, after all Libra is the sign of other people and Rahu here is obsessed with making connection. This can create a lot problems if the other person doesn't understand this nakshatra, if husband or wife doesn't realize what this nakshatra is about. They always need to get away from all relationship other wise they will feel claustrophobic.

Being ruled by the ultimate salesmen Rahu, these folks have the communicative ability to sell what they want, they give you what you want to hear, they can sell ice to an Eskimo. They are very clever in business and know the art of articulation. Due to their networking nature and being able to manipulate a situation Swati people make the best PR agents. They know how to take a bad situation and turn into their advantage or advantage for their clients. Rahu wants to get material things and it wants it right away, and the way to gain what you want in life is to be able to sell something so you can make money from it. Swati nakshatra people make great designers, PR agents, salesmen, businessmen, lawyers and artists.

Swati nakshatra pada 1- People born under Swati nakshatra pada 1 are very charming, calm and artistic. They have the ability to form easy friendships with people. The scientific Rahu makes them quite intelligent and gives them an artistic approach to scientific studies and making foreign relationships due to Rahu's influence. Pada 1 people are also very good businessman because they know the art of conversation and get the best deal. This is why they can easily slip into the negative side of Rahu and use their friendships and contacts to gain wealth or their wealth.

Swati nakshatra pada 2- People born under the nakshatra of Swati pada 2 might have tendency of living in foreign lands, visiting foreign lands might even acquire their spouse from foreign lands. They have a knack of dealing with people from foreign places and can make great international traders and business merchants. This pada is also very creative and Rahu's extravagant nature loves getting the attention to things related to Venus like art and acting. They can't get enough of the limelight and want more each time.

Swati nakshatra pada 3- People born under the nakshatra of Swati pada 3 are caregivers, care takers and loving taking care of poor. They have a quite a calm nature and become quite friendly towards the one who are suffering. This is why such nakshatra gets a lot of wealth because they tend to give it away to those who need them, but knowing such process, Rahu's negative side comes out and may invoke greed within him which will make him give away more wealth, however such negative tendency will again help the world at the end.

Swati nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Swati pada 4 are well traveled, wealth, educated and loving the art of business. Swati nakshatra is great for business due to all pada supporting such avenue, but pada 4 people especially love dealing with trading of educational items, of scientific items. Such a merchant can sell Bunsen burners, lab equipment, surgical equipment as his or her trade. They'll invest in goods that will make society better and bring foreigners together.
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