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Saturn mahadasha (Shani mahadasha in jyotish)

Saturn, which represents delay, organization, structure, discipline and patience tends to bring the most opportunity during his 19 year long time period known as mahadasha in Vedic astrology. You have to understand that Saturn is the karaka of career as in 10th house, 8th house and 12th house, and Saturn also has 3rd, 7th and 10th aspect or drishti from where he sits, this is why 10th aspects concerns with career. Saturn is a planet about working hard, and reaping the results of the seeds you sowed in the past, this is why it's very important to have Saturn situated in a good house in one's horoscope, because once Saturn's mahadasha will come he will ask you to step up to the plate and deliver what you have been making for the past how many years. Here, in Saturn's period he will ask you to work, work and more work. This is why Saturn period is known to be the most productive period because the native would get opportunity to work. Saturn also asks the native to be far more discipline, organized and structured during the time period because only then the sweet fruits will be given to you.

It doesn't matter what the native does, but when Saturn is lit up in the chart during its dasha period then there would be triple overtime work at the native's work place. There would be more asked for the native to do and longer work hours. They would have to manual jobs, or work with their full body, which can also mean good thing because India's biggest superstar Amitabh bachchan rose to the maximum heights during his Saturn's mahadasha using his body as his talent and skill, especially due to his Saturn being in friendly sign, being the ascendant lord and looking at the ascendant lord from his 10th aspect. But, yes, there are ill effects during Saturn's period. Saturn gives excellent results in upachaya houses like 3rd, 6th 10th and especially 11th which is about gains and money. The native rises up to new heights in government and corporation. A debilitated Saturn can use the native to work lower end jobs, manual labor, construction worker, especially if Saturn is not well placed in Navamsasa chart or D9 chart. Even debilitated Saturn can give good results if it's in a upachaya house, situated in a good sign in D9 chart and good placement in D10 chart which is the dasamasa chart regarding career.

This is an excellent time period to gain benefits from government and government service.

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