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Who is Rahu?

When Venus and Rahu are in conjunction, it shows amplification and ballooning of things related to love, relationships, and luxurious items and desires for a rich and fancy life. This conjunction can make a person obsessed with the idea of relationships and love. They travel to far reaching places to be with someone, and if this means breaking taboos and cultural boundaries they will do it. Since Rahu shows foreign items and ideas, love and relationships can occur with someone who is of a different cultural background or someone living in foreign lands.

Rahu likes to blow things out of proportion, and due to his nature of not being satisfied, this person has a hard time fulfilling their desire for a perfect partner who can provide security, love, and physical closeness. They will always need their partner's attention, love, and care. When they don't receive that, it can drive them to have an affair which could eventually lead to divorce. These people love the idea of a perfect relationship and they tend to find it in the first thing they see. It's hard for these folks to be single for a long time since Venus’ desire for relationships is amplified by Rahu.

If Venus and Rahu occur in a bad sign and house, it can lead a person, especially female, to turn pleasure into a profession. This includes prostitution.  A couple of other planetary positions must also come into play to trigger this type of behavior. Either a female suffers abuse which leads to such actions, or a female's mind might find this type of work fascinating. This can easily lead to someone in the limelight, and becoming an iconic figure because Rahu and Venus both love the attention and glamorous lifestyle.

This is not an ideal conjunction to be with if you like a quiet and private life. In certain houses, this can also show gains of huge amounts of wealth and assets. A person can go into the jewelry business, fashion, modeling and designing, while at the same time breaking taboos in their industry.

Women with these conjunctions are quite magnetic and attractive, especially when this conjunction occurs in the 1st, 2nd and 7th House. A man with this conjunction can easily fall for women and become a player in the early years of his life, at least until the age of 42, when Rahu's desire tends to calm down.

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