kapiel raaj, purnavasu  nakshatra
Purnavasu Nakshatra (20:01 Gemini to 3:20 Cancer)
Planet- Jupiter
Symbol- bow & arrow  
Deity- Aditi, mother of all Gods. 

Purnavasu nakshatra is about returning to the source. What I mean by this is that like lord Ram, who fought great evils, and struggled for 14 years, finally returned back to his source of kingliness. This nakshatra is about going through struggles in life and finally after enough struggle one becomes a king. This shows one gaining lot of wisdom through their experiences and later teaching others about what they have gone through and the mistake they have made in their life. They make some of the great counselor and teachers or university professors. Due to the influence of Jupiter here, there is a great care and passion for advising and teaching others. The symbol of bow & arrow also represent the weapon of the divine, because in Indian mythology, lord Vishnu took the body of Ravan on earth just so he could be killed by the divine arrow of lord Ram.

People think Ram is a God, or ditty, but actually Ram was an avatar who was born in the flesh body. He was one of the angles of God but not God himself, because there is only one God, that is Vishnu, who has sub bodies like Shiva, Bhrama, Ram, Krishina etc.. but the root is only one. This nakshatra shows that even the punishment from such people may actually be a blessings because there would be a great lesson to be learned. I.e. if a teacher punishes the student at school, that particular punishment would be probably will the one that student remembers for rest of his or her life and would actually thank the teacher for doing what they did. There is also great interest in reading and writing. Both Jupiter and Mercury the lord of Gemini are the karaka of study, writing, knowledge and wisdom. Such people can make great writers of divine, spiritual and religious books.

Purnavasu nakshatra pada 1-  People with Purnavasu nakshtra pada 1 are quite late bloomers. They do not find their path in life until the age of 32, they after life gets smooth and becomes more directional. Such people may make great writers, teachers and advisors, however they will go through initial struggles in life so once they have learned their lessons, they can teach others what to do and what not to do. They are generally happy go lucky people even in adverse situation.

Purnavasu nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Purnavasu people are very much into studies and education like pada 1, however their whole life derives from learning philosophy and religious text, which can make them priest, gurus and professors of philosophy. They so involved in their studies that their personal life can suffer, kind of like a mad scientist in a lab working 23 hours a day while using the other hour to sleep and eat. Such people can become quite stubborn about what they are doing in life.

Purnavasu nakshatra pada 3- Pada 3 people are quite different from first 2 padas, they can me more dedicated towards other things that Jupiter represents like wealth and gains. They are more business like than in pursuit of education and knowledge. They seek pleasure through making money and especially money through communication. They are quite clever in business and are fond of opposite sex. They are also quite interested in artist side of life as well like painting, playing piano and being an actor.

Purnavasu nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Purnavasu pada 4 erotic, sexual and they too are in pursuit of the life of wealth and luxury. They will do whatever it takes to find pleasure through sex and indulging in sexual lust. This is quite strange knowing it's the naksahtra ruled by Jupiter, however, Jupiter is also the karaka of 5th house, which is entertainment, cinema, dance and performing art, and also the karaka of 11th house of friends, network circle and socializing.

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