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Mrigasira Nakshatra (23:20 Taurus to 06:40 Gemini)
Planet- Mars
Symbol- Dear head
Deity- God Bhrama

Mrigasira nakshtra is about search, searching, looking for truth and digging for truth. This is why this nakshatra is represented by dear head, as a dear wanders and searches in the forest for his food. This is a very calm, pleasant, and peaceful nakshatra. Even though this is ruled by Mars, this is the calmer side of Mars. Such people are bold with tremendous will power, but such power of the will goes into research, searching for their destination and destiny. This is why such nakshatra can produce very spiritual and artist people, especially writers. If this Nakshatra occurs in the sign of Gemini then the native would be interested in occult, art, science, and communication about the truth.

Mrigasira people are all known to be emotional because deer represents a gentle and emotional creature. This side of Gemini are not the ones who might be promiscuous, rather these folks are always in search for their soul mate; but do remember that they are very sexual since Mars' energy backs this nakshatra. The reason why Mars represents this nakshtra because in the jungle where deer resides and searches, Mars is the ruler of that land since Mars shows a solider, land and battlefield, everything that jungle requires one to be. The deer goes head straight into the deep jungle in search for its purpose and with the backing of bold Mars, it usually finds its destination towards spirituality and literary art. This nakshatra make some of the best writers, directors, astrologers, sales people and marketing executive. One thing to understand about this nakshatra is that such people truly flourish after the age of 32, between 32 and 58 they rise to high status and revolutionize their industry.

Mrigasira nakshatra pada 1-  People born under the pada 1of Mrigasira make some of the best political and executive leaders. They are born into rich families where they are provided with everything they need. They rise to the highest status in their circle and work place. They have a beautiful face and their spouse will also be beautiful. One thing to understand about this pada is that they are more focused on finance than search, you can say their search is to find financial stability. 

Mrigasira nakshatra pada 2- Such people can have lack of nourishment from their mother due to Moon being in late degrees of Taurus. But, they rise to the stage of the world where everyone can see and notice them. They are not talkative but they are good communicators. These folks usually get along with others quite well but may be quiet in their approach at first. However, they not concentrate so much on education or academic side of life, instead they want to explore the creative side. Such people are also quite jealous of others.

Mrigasira nakshatra pada 3- These folks are the baby of the house. They love being nourished by their mother, and usually mother will take up the father's role as well and become the head of the family. Due to lack of love from the father they get attached to the mother for quite a long time, up until their early 30's do they break away from her and on to their own independent life, but because they want to but due to the natural circumstances of the universe. Since comfort is the name of the game, they love pleasure, seeking sensuality and riches. They make very good writers and artist and their motto is to work less and make more.

Mrigasira nakshatra pada 4- These people are very active in life and sports. They want to use their body and strength to help others this is why they might become physical therapists, sports doctor and authors of book on living well. This is where the real energy of mars is most activated. With such profession also comes huge amount of gains and wealth. These folks love to help people through which they also derive their income. They also love to talk, very talkative as child, too. They can make great motivational speakers and lawyers.
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