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Who is Ketu?

Ketu is the south node of the Moon and the rest of the body of Rahu. This is a headless body which represents separation, isolation, and the abandonment of the material world. This shadow planet represents spirituality, nothingness, and goals that we already achieved in past lives. In this life we are here to only rely on those things as a last resort. The house and sign in which Ketu sits are in things we are not fond of, and we do not obsess about those things as much because subconsciously we know we have already dealt with them. If we didn't accomplish those things in a past life, that would be seen by Ketu's bad placement in a bad sign. This will show a tug of war between both Rahu and Ketu. Ketu also searches for truth and enlightenment. Ketu's aspect and conjunction gives research ability to a person especially when it's in conjunction or aspects the Moon and Mercury.

A true seeker of spirituality, higher learning, enlightenment, and scientific research is seen from this conjunction. Though Ketu's nature is rejecting anything from this material plain, including gurus and religion, here Ketu finds a sense of purpose with Jupiter. He finds a guide to perhaps create some understanding of the material plain. But Ketu does have a problem with the guidelines and laws put forth by Jupiter, and is not able to relate to them. He rejects organized religion and preaching by men. Ketu wants to look beyond the cycle of life and death which is defined by religion.

Jupiter is also the karaka of wealth, children, network circles, and gains. Ketu has no interest in pursuing money, family and friends. Since Rahu and Ketu do transform themselves into the planet they are in conjunction with, Ketu wants to preach in a very unique manner. This approach might be harsh, rude, and insulting to others, however he has the ability to pinpoint problems even within himself. This is why they can become well liked and appreciated leaders. This person has a true sense of how the world works and how the world should be. These are the true humanitarians who want to do good for the world and who have the keen eye to make something valuable from nothing.

Before we start on three planetary conjunctions, let's do some example of conjunctions.

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