kapiel raaj, Chitra  nakshatra
Chitra Nakshatra (23:21 Virgo to 06:40 Libra)
Planet- Mars
Symbol- Jewel     
Deity- The celestial architect 

Chitra nakshatra people are very powerful in terms of will power, strength and ability to withstand all types of storms. These guys are quite head strong about their ability to get things done, finish tasks, look for details and strive for perfection. They are quite direct and straight forward in their approach because they feel that beating around the bush is just a waste of time and effort. They make some of the best managers and project managers for corporation because they get things done under budget and with proficiency. Mars here plays the role of the Krishna driving Arujun on the chariot. Mars guides the intelligent Virgo how to beat the battle, win the war and attain their goals. Since Virgo is about details, and nit picking the imperfections, Mars gives them extra energy to pick out all the wrong things in contracts, projects, medicine or any kind of work they do, even if it's a construction worker.

Chitra also has another side to them, because this nakshatra also falls under the zodiac sign of Libra for the first 7 degrees. Here, Mars' energy is goes into to dealing with other people since Libra is the sign of other people. Mars' aggressive nature is now all about binding people together, making agreements happen and strive for perfection in a relationship. However, when trying perfect their relationship they can come out a bit aggressive and harsh which is not the true side of Libra, however, no one person of the same zodiac sign would act the same, and this why, due to nature of the naksahtra. In Libra, Chitra nakshatra people are fond of jewelry and gemstones. They love to wear gems, rings, and even trade gems because Libra is the sign of trade as it's the original sign of the 7th house. such people are also quite sexual towards the opposite sex and may even go outside their relationship to look for partner.

Chitra nakshatra pada 1- People born under Chitra nakshatra pada 1 are very much involved in their work and kind of war like. They have the energy to work day & night to finish their task, however due to the feminine nature of Virgo and passionate nature of Mars, they are also quite flirtatious and sweet talkers. They know how to get what they want through their smooth sailing way. These folks are also gifted with the art of words and conversation. They can start a conversation or chat with anyone and it might just lasts for hours.

Chitra nakshatra pada 2- People born under the nakshatra of Chitra in pada 2 are very intelligent, studious and educated, even though other pada can do the same, these guys feel they need to study and be educated in order to survive and win the war. The art of war for them comes from knowledge, they feel they can win any battle with knowledge and words, and usually they do. This is why they make some of the best PhD, doctors and lawyers. Due to Mars' aggressive nature and Virgo's ability to look for details, they make great lawyers.

Chitra nakshatra pada 3- People born under the nakshatra of Chitra in pada 3 are very calm and soothing. They are quite spiritual and love reading on the text that promote peace and tranquility. These people are not so religious, and even if they are they follow the new age religion of oneness, equality and nothingness. They feel life is a big party and we all just need to have a glass of win with us. This the nature that sometimes leads them into extramarital affairs because they feel life is a big bad, and it's okay to have many soul mates in bed.

Chitra nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Chitra in pada 4 people make great teachers, educators and are knowledgeable about the world. They love different cultures and foreign lands. They become great traveling guides and at the same time are very great artists. Libra is the sign of design, beauty, fashion and art and here the person travels for art and design and has the will power to attain such goals. These folks also can get quite boring if they don't change their projects.
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