kapiel raaj, Ashlesha  nakshatra
Ashlesha Nakshatra (16:41 Cancer to 30:00 Cancer)
Planet- Mercury
Symbol- snake    
Deity- Naga God (Snake God)   

Ashlesha nakshatra is best at doing business of emotions. This nakshatra occurs under the sign of cancer which is an emotional, caring and nurturing sign, however, since Mercury now rules this part of Cancer, there is a bit of logic, detail analytical skills and critical thinking. When this happens, such people tend to think of emotions as an investment, like where they should invest their feelings, how much nourishment should they give the other because if they know they will not get the return by investing in their feelings, they will not place the bed of their heart towards those things or person. They become quite critical as parents of their children because they want to do see their children at their finest, but this can also lead to lot of low self-esteem in the child because of too much criticism from the parent who has this nakshatra in their moon or ascendant.

The reason why snake symbolizes this nakshatra is because they are able to maneuver through everyone or anyone while stinging someone or giving love to someone, but they keep moving forward. They tend to strike the ones who use them and love the ones who obey them. They also have the harsh tongue or speech that may sting like a snake bite because Mercury represents speech, or it's the karaka of speech, and Cancer is a very moody and emotional sign, so due to their overwhelming emotions they can say very hard and sharp things to others without every meaning them, but most of the time they distance close friends due to this nature they possess by saying things without looking at other's emotions, however the padas play a greater role in this as each pada will have more or less of the qualities.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 1-  People with Ashlesha nakshtra pada 1 are very different from the above description yet the same. They are very caring and emotional people who build their huge wealth by giving more wealth to others and opening up charities around the world, however they are same as above description because they also use people in the process of building their wealth, however by giving money to charity balances out their karma. They often make quite good business men medicinal and pharmaceutical companies.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Ashlesha people are the ones who become the true nature of this nakshatra which is cunning, clever, harsh tongue and harsh speech and only giving or showing emotions to the one that will benefit them the most in future. They only invest their feelings where they feel they will be able to tap on it as a resource in the future, like a mother adopting a specific baby because the baby may have a trust fund. Although this is not the case most of the time since aspect and conjunction of moon also alter this behavior, but there is a lot of build up of emotions.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 3- Pada 3 people usually suffer some illness related to Mercury, like nervous system, lungs and speech, and since Moon and Mind both represents our mind and intelligence, this may also affect them by being prone to depression. However, this nakshatra is also very good in detecting their own illness or illnesses of others, which makes them very good doctors and nurses. People born under pada 2 of this nakshatra are become wealth after the age of 26, that too in medicine or hospitality business.

Ashlesha nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Ashlesha pada 4 are very lucky in life. They get lot of wealth and happiness by their mothers and father and parents usually become a source of wealth. These folks do very well in real estate business, hotel or motel owners and they are also gifted in the art of writing. Education is also a very big part of their upbringing since this is right on the border of Cancer and Leo sign, but most think this is a Gundmool nakashaktra, which is nonsense, this pada only becomes bad if the planet itself is positioned in the bad house.
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