kapiel raaj, ardra nakshatra
Ardra Nakshatra (06:41 Gemini to 20:00 Gemini)
Planet- Rahu
Symbol- Tear drop 
Deity- Rudra, The Storm God

Ardra nakshatra is about brining in the rain, brining in the storm and creating a revolution or a big change, because after every storm there is a huge change in landscape, devastation, death and revolution to build something again. The tear drop isn't about being emotional, the tear drop is the drop of storm god, where billions of tears create a storm. These guys make those shroud business man who will do whatever it takes to take your advantage to get 100% for themselves and leave you with nothing like a storm sweeping by. This nakshatra represents searching for gains, searching material wealth and crashing everyone beneath to get to ones goal. This quite a destructive nakshatra which can also lead people commit violent crimes and kill masses or crate mass murder. This nakshatra is that true Godfather type personality that will erase whomever who gets in the way of he or she doing business.

Even in relationship they need to take full advantage of the situation and they need to be in control of the relationship. The minute they lose control, either they walk away from the deal or seek retaliation by brining in storm. For them even a relationship is a deal, a business deal. These people are only impressed by one person and that is themselves, especially the pada 1 people. They also can take advantage of business deal and co-business ownerships in a business because again, Rahu is that planet that wants everything for itself. However, if such placement occurs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th house then these folks are very calm and corporative, especially in 3rd and 4th pada. Women with this nakshtra especially can create trouble in work place and in their relationships.

Ardra nakshatra pada 1-  People with adra nakshtra pada 1 are quite extravagant and love spending money, this where true nature of Rahu is seen. They are very cunning and may take advantage of anyone if they know their goal is close to achieve, however they will never admit this side of them because no one in their right mind would. But, these guys are very smart and intelligent in their way of doing business.

Ardra nakshatra pada 2- Pada to people can make a good computer programmer, engineer and someone who is good with their hands, after all Gemini is the sign of hands and shoulder. These folks can get down and dirty to get the job done and usually they live a quite a normal and regular life. But, if provoked, they will become very aggressive and shroud however they are not so much of a time ticker like pada 1 people. They make good workers more than businessman.

Ardra nakshatra pada 3- Pada 3 people are more inclined towards academic learning, reading, and educating themselves. This is where Rahu's obsessive nature can make obsess learning and education. They are the most intelligent of pada as far as academic learning is concern. If Mercury and Jupiter happens to be in this pada they can become professors and instructor. These folks like to keep their mind busy because they can get bored easily, this is why due to endless books in the world their mind is quite active and aware.

Ardra nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Ardra pada 4 are very exotic, love living in foreign lands and breaking rules. They love eating meat, and enjoying life with parting and drinking. They hardly care about the story side of life, but such indulgence of alcohol can lead to them being violent, as in domestic violence, people in gang or military. There is also a good side to this pada,  they are quite creative and good at acting and posses the art of mimicking.

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