"I was skeptical towards astrology until Kapiel did my chart. It was uncanny how accurate he was."

"Kapiel has a refreshing down to earth way of explaining the metaphysical world around us. He brings a lot to the table in his books, I highly recommend checking them out."

Gigi Young

"I must say I was quite amazed after kapiel did my birth chart. He picked up on so many fine details of my life from my childhood till present with a very unique inner understanding which I feel is lacking in most of today’s astrologers. You are a very lucky person if you have found his website as you will finally find all of the answers you have been seeking and with kapiel’s help your life will be blessed many times over, his contributions to astrology will receive wide acclaim as many peoples lives will be changed for the better."

Danny Myer

What is the Astrology?

Astrology @ The Speed of Light is the constitution of astrology. The laws provided in this book are not governed by the hypothetical knowledge of the blur past, but sold, and grounded laws of physics. The old astrology that has been plaguing the entire world on useless books and websites about daily, weekly and yearly horoscope will soon be vanished from your mind after reading this book. Astrology will no longer hold a place of pseudoscience in your mind, but a true, and honest path to knowing yourself. Forget what you know about your daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes and yearly horoscope. No longer will the Zodiac signs look the same to you.

Does Vedic Astrology really works?

There are lot of book read astrologers out there who really do not know how to look at a chart of planets in-depth, like a surgeon. I will show all the ins-&-out of this ancient wisdom, which far exceeds the advance technological, and astronomical science of today. In addition, the 13th zodiac sign is complete garbage, and just a cheap way to misguide the general public. Vedic Astrology works. It's like driving a car: you can buy the car, and the manual, but if you do not know how to drive it physically, what good is it? you will just keep crashing into things and endanger your own life and others. Astrological knowledge works the same way. You can have the knowledge of astrology, but if you do not know how to imply its true methods, then having that ancient knowledge is useless.

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"While you only see the seed within you, I see the flower blooming" ~ Kapiel Raaj
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Mission Statement: The whole purpose of this website is to give information that other astrology websites are lacking. I want to give information that all the 'true' astrology lovers, learners and seekers are looking for. You won't find your daily, weekly or yearly horoscope here, which are dime-a-done, what you will find on my astrology website is a pathway to knowing thyself. You will find information that you need to know and you should know.

I know many of you want to know exactly what astrology is, you want to know what are houses, signs, planets and degrees; because that is the real core of astrology. I never found a website that was devoted to information that was deep and pin pointing to the source. Most of the people like to search terms like "Saturn in 5th house in the sign of Aries" or "Mars in the 3rd house in the sign of Gemini". Let me go even deeper, I know people want to know, "What does Saturn in the 3rd house in the sign of Libra in Nakshatra of Swati means". I used to search for this term when learning the real astrology (Vedic Astrology), but I could never find those things online and that's why I created this website and my Youtube Channel. I post videos everday on YOUTUBE, so if you're not a subscriber, make sure you subscribe and log in everday. Just my youtube channel is enough for you to know what I am providing for the world and paying forward what I have learn.

If you want to learn what true astrology is? check out my book Astrology @ The Speed of light.

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This website is dedicated to Hindu Astrology. What is Hindu astrology? It's the most accurate and detailed asttrological science which relies on predicting about spicific events in a native's life. This Hindu astrology has been the core of India and now slowly infecting the world. It's foundation is based upon houses, signs, nakshatras, mahadashas and karakas in Jamini. This is the easiest science to learn.
legal disclaimer

Astrology is not a proven science or exact method of seeing everything in your life. It's a spiritual guidance that one may or may not accept. There is nothing definite in astrology and nothing can ever be predicted 100%, this is simply a game of chess played by a astrologer. Never fully rely on astrology for any answer. This is a spiritual knowledge that can only be realized subconsciously. No astrologer in the world can be 100% right.

I retain the rights to refuse reading and consultation to whomever I like for any reason I like. There are many reason, 1. you made slander, defamatory statements against me or against other astrologers because that is a big sin in astrology to insult an astrologer even if they were wrong in public form, your chart shows the combination where an astrologer will fail. I could be over booked by readings so I will refund you due to my limited time. If you have blackmiled me in past cursed at me via email or social media I will refuse doing your reading.
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